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Water Heaters in Phoenix, AZ

by | May 16, 2024 | General

OH NO!! That stressful moment when you realize you don’t have any hot water. Or even worse, there is water all over your floor and possibly inside your home. Your water heater is the most overlooked appliance in the home. Yet, it’s the one that gets used the most.

Homeowners here in Phoenix AZ forget too often about their Water Heater until it is too late. This leads to having to scramble to get it replaced quickly and inconveniently contacting their insurance agent to file a claim for water damage. This entire process is an extremely stressful experience that can be 100% avoided. I know this because I have been a plumber for over 35 years here in Phoenix AZ. I have helped, served and educated countless clients through my years of experience.

I consistently encounter homeowners that never did anything to maintain their heater. Or really even knew it required any maintenance at all. In the case of having a tank-style water heater, replacement of the anode rod along with annual flushes to remove sediment is required for optimal performance. If you think having a water softener is helping your tank-style water heater, think again.

Having a Water Softener is a fantastic thing here in Phoenix and surrounding areas. They are saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in plumbing repairs. But, at the same time they are killing your Tank Style Water Heater by adding just a small amount of salt content, which is what water softeners do. The Anode Rod, which is there to protect your heater from rusting, deteriorates at a much faster rate when you have a water softener. Changing the Anode Rod on a scheduled 2 year interval is essential if you have a water softener system. If you don’t, checking the anode rod every year, and replacing it as necessary is part of proper maintenance.

Of course the expense of replacing a water heater is much much more than it was just 5 years ago. The cost of the water heater alone has increased dramatically over the past 2 years. The best option now is to replace the old Tank water heater with a Tankless option. If the right tankless water heater is installed, you will be saving a significant amount of money every year. As well as feeling much better about having a Water Softener. Stainless steel heat exchangers along with no storage of water will now have your softener in full protection mode and knowing this, is priceless.

If you and your family are in need of options for a repair or replacement of your current water heater, allow Armstrong Plumbing to come out and give a free assessment along with options. We are here to help and prevent water damage to your home.

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